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Brockway Area Senior High Guidance

Brockway Area High School Senior Awards and Scholarships
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Brockway Area High School Senior Awards and Scholarships
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Brockway Area High School – Senior Awards & Scholarships



 Scholastic Honor Awards                These awards are given to the seniors who at the completion of their senior year rank first and second in the senior class.


    The U.S. Marine Corps                   The student who is selected for this award must

Distinguished Athlete Award            be in Grade 12, an athlete in a school-sponsored varsity sport, an exemplary citizen and role model, and one who best exhibits the personal traits of courage, poise, self-confidence and leadership while performing as a varsity athlete. The athletic director will recommend a student for this award.


    The U.S. Air Force                  This award is give to the senior with the highest

   Math-Science Award              combined math and science average over a four year

                                                       period of study Grades Nine through 12.


    The U.S. Army Reserve  

Scholar, Athlete & Leader Award               These award are given to the senior athletes  

                                                                          having the strongest academic performances.


Class of ’43 Scholarship Award         This award is give to the student who ranks in the middle of the senior class and who intends to continue formal study at the post-secondary level.


    Class of ’69 Award                          This award of $25 is given to the senior who has shown outstanding ability, talent and achievement in any accredited course of study. Teachers nominate students for this award.


 Horton/Brockway Area                      This award is given to the senior, who having

Lioness Club Scholarship                   submitted an application,

                                                                possesses the best S.A.T. scores, community involvement, financial need and plans to continue formal education beyond high school.


English Scholarship Award                This award is given by Coder Printing to the senior having the highest average in English over four years, Grades 9 through12.


  Social Studies Award                  This monetary award is given by the Brockway Historical Society to a senior having achieved the highest average in the social studies curriculum on a four year, Grades Nine through 12, computation of grades.


   Math-Science Award                       This monetary award is given by the Horton/Brockway Area Lioness Club to the senior having the highest average in math and science courses over a four year period, Grades Nine through 12.


  Mathematics Award                         This award, started in 1980, in the amount of $51.50, is given to the senior having achieved the highest average in math subjects, Algebra I through Calculus.


     Burnice Shepley                              This monetary award of $500 is given to the senior

       Scholarship                                    band member having financial need in attending either a two or four year college. Applicants must prepare an essay stating why he or she is deserving and submit it to the band director no later than May 15th.


John Philip Sousa Award               Given by the Music Department to a deserving senior

                                                            who has met the criteria as a dependable, loyal and

                                                            cooperative musician.


The Annual George Monaco             This award is given to the highest-ranking senior

  Music Scholarship Award                band student who is pursuing some aspect of music at an institution of higher learning or a senior band student whom is deemed most deserving by the high school music teachers.


Kaimann Club of Brockway                These awards are issued annually to the seniors in

    Annual Scholarships                       the graduating class who rank 11th and 12th respectively, have met graduation requirements, and have enrolled in a post-secondary education program.


    The Anthony L. Petruzzi                 This award is given by Mary Ann Petruzzi to the

Athletic Memorial Scholarship          senior who demonstrates potential for the future     in the areas of academics, athletics and leadership. A letter of intent written to Mary Ann Mahaffey is required.


      P.T.G. Award                                  This monetary award is given to the highest-ranking member of the senior class who plans to enter the teaching profession and has been accepted at a four-year college to study education.


Scholastic Honor Cords                     These gold cords are presented to members of the graduating class whose final average is 89.5 or higher at the end of their senior year.


Presidential Academic Awards        These awards of certificates and Presidential letters

  For Educational Excellence              are given to seniors who have a B+ average and who

                                                               have a standardized achievement test score at the

                                                              80th percentile or higher.


Student Council Awards                    These monetary awards are given to member of the senior class as selected by the student council faculty adviser who have made significant contributions to student council.


      Clara Hall Scholarship                    This scholarship is given to seniors from the

                                                                 DuBois-Brockway Area who plan to continue their

                                                                 studies in a health-related career area.

                                                                 Information and scholarship applications are 

                                                                 available in the Guidance

                                                                Office after March 1st. Deadline for applications is

                                                                April 1st.


The Rotary Club of DuBois                These scholarships are given to seniors from the

            Scholarship                                DuBois-Brockway Area are based upon academic achievement, financial need, student work history, involvement in school and community and a demonstrated desire for continuing education. Applications are available in the Guidance Office in late March. Deadline for application is April 15th.


The Ellen Marie McMeekin     

           Scholarship                                This scholarship of $1,000 is given to the senior who displays religious values, commitment to family, positive outlook on life, support of the community, the ability to care for others, a sense of humor, and who is always ready to lend a helping hand. Selection for this award will be based on proper completion of application, two letters of recommendation and verification of GPA and class rank. Applications are available in the Guidance Office. Deadline for submitting application is May 1st.


Michael L. Smith Memorial                This award is given annually to a graduating senior who expresses and interest in agriculture. Vocational Agriculture instructor will screen all eligible students and make a selection in consultation with the senior high guidance counselor.


   The Heritage Award                         This award of $500 is given to the senior who has properly submitted a 1000 word research project and is declared the winner in the My Heritage research project competition as determined by the Heritage Award Review Committee. Rules and Cover Sheets are available in the Guidance Office. Deadline for submission of projects is April 15th.



      Class of 1988                                   This scholarship issued annually in the sum of $100

Memorial Scholarship                          is given to the senior whose class rank immediately follows any other scholarship award recipient and who has enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited post-secondary institution.


The Edward & Evelyn Biss                 This award is given to a deserving senior going into

     Nursing Scholarship                       the field of nursing service as chosen by a designated committee.                               


The Dr. Quinn L. Lundberg, Sr.         This award in the amount of $500 is presented to a

  Memorial Golf Scholarship               senior who is enrolled in a Golf Management Program or to the highest-ranking student who has attained at least two varsity letters in golf.


The Annual Brent Rearick                  This award in the amount of $100 is made to the

Science Education Award                  graduating senior who is planning to major in science education at a fully accredited four-year institution of higher learning as outlined by the award qualifications.


    Brockway Student Loan                 This loan in the amount of $1200 per year for a total of five years is available through the high school guidance office. The interest rate for this loan is currently 2% annually.                


The Catherine Hayes Nelson             This stipend will generally be from $1,000 or more

            Scholarships                             based upon financial need. Stipend will be awarded by trustee and a representative Penn State DuBois Campus. Students who wish to be considered should forward a letter to the Trust by contacting the Guidance Office for letter requirements and counselor recommendation.


   The Christopher Decker                  This award in the amount of $250 has been

    Memorial Scholarship                     established to recognize a senior who has been

                                                                accepted at a four-year college and who shows

                                                                leadership potential and is an outstanding example

                                                                of today’s youth.

                                                                Seniors interested in this scholarship should submit

                                                                an application from the Guidance Office as well as a

                                                                transcript of grades and two letters of



Debbie Carlson Tamburlin                  This award is given to the highest-ranking female

   Memorial Scholarship                       graduate who is furthering her education and

                                                                has earned at least three varsity letters in volleyball,

                                                                basketball, or softball. These letters may be earned 

                                                                in any combination of the cited sports. If no girl

                                                                qualifies for the year, two letters in the cited sports

                                                                will be acceptable.


       The Harriet Tobin                          This award of $300 will be given to the

    Memorial Scholarship Award         highest-ranking student attending a

                                                                trade or technical school and who is involved in a sport, band, or student activity will be presented upon submission of proof of enrollment. Scholarship application must be postmarked by April 1st.


    Accountant Scholarship                Candidates for this scholarship must be enrolling in a four-year college with the intent of completing an accounting degree to qualify to work as an accountant. Applicants must have at least a “C” high school average. An essay is required and preference will be given to Dale Carnegie graduates and students who perform community service. Applications are available in the guidance office. Due date is May 12th.


 The Glenn & Ruth Mengle                These scholarships are awarded to scholastic honor

  Foundation Scholarship                    students who have been accepted at a fully accredited post-secondary educational institution   for the fall term following graduation. Scholarship amounts will vary from $1,000 to $200 based upon class rank.


       Mengle Foundation                      These four scholarships will be awarded to seniors

Non-Traditional Scholarships            who have been accepted at

                                                                fully accredited business, trade, or technical schools. The scholarship amount is in the sum of $500 and awardees will be selected upon class rank.


    The Robert P. Martini                     This scholarship is given to a senior who is

             Scholarship                              committed to post-secondary education, demonstrates financial need, and plays an active role in school and community.  Contact the guidance office no later than March 1st for information about this scholarship.







The Brockway Area School District is an equal opportunity education institution and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, and handicap in its educational programs, activities, and employment practices as required by Title VI, Title IX, and Section 504. For more information regarding civil rights or grievance procedures, contact the Superintendent of Schools, Title IX and Section 504 Coordinator, Brockway Area School District, 95 North Street, Brockway, PA 15824, 814-265-8411.


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